Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Rousse Winery Chardonney 2008

This is the first white wine in the blog. This wine is not really so special to be the first, it is just the first white wine that happened to be in my house and I could try it. My sister has bought it to cook the dinner with it.

The wine is Chardonnay from the Rousse winery, vintage 2008. I don't want to offend the makers, but the wine has no smell. A totally smelliness wine, strange as it sounds.

The taste is also nothing special, but it is actually not so bad. I can drink a glass or two and it makes me a bit drunk. It is OK if you are a white wine lover.



  1. Marry,

    You are really on a wine spree these days :-).
    I will definitely try some of your recommendations in the next fews days.


  2. Hi Drago,

    Yes, it's the holidays season after all :)

    I will try to feed the blog as much as possible these days :)