Sunday, 20 December 2009

Encore Syrah 2008 - Katarzyna Estate

The Encore Syrah 2008 from the Katarzyna estate is probably the best wine I have tasted in a while. And no surprise here, because it has recently won silver medal at the prestigious awards Syrah du Monde.

The bottle is extremely stylish. I cannot skip the fact that it was wrapped in a gorgeous gift box, which makes it perfect for a gift. Probably the most notable memory I have of this wine is the smell. It is a rich and plentiful smell of old barrels, tobacco and fruits. The taste is also very deep and intense, leaving a pleasant and lasting taste in the mouth at finish . The relatively high alcohol (14.5%) contributes for a relaxing and laid back atmosphere.

Encore Syrah 2008 is a real celebration for wine lovers - it is a cool combination of style, tradition and romance. The perfect gift and the perfect wine for an unforgettable evening. It did make mine very special and definitely goes into my favorites' list.



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