Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mavrud Asenovgrad 2006

The consecutive Bulgarian wine in my list. This one, however, is different - it is really Bulgarian, because it is Mavrud variety, which is typical Bulgarian.

The Mavrud from the Asenovgrad region was actually very nice. I loved it. The wine has a typical depth for this type of variety. It is a little heavy, but lovely for a dinner with friends and a good meal. On the label of the wine itself it says that it goes very good with red meat. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend you a good food with it, because I am a vegetarian, but I think anyone who wants to taste a piece of Bulgaria, should try this variety. Asenovgrad region is a must try!



  1. This wine looks like an unseparate part of the magic equation: wine+smoothjaz+buetifull girl = magic :)Niki