Friday, 26 February 2010

Zinfandel Redwood California 2007

This is the first American wine I picked from our local Bulgarian supermarket on quite reasonable price (about 7 Euro). Its amazing how the world is becoming so small. Only about 10 years ago it was impossible to find American, Chilean or Argentinian wine in a Bulgarian supermarket.

Second new for me is the variety - Zinfandel, which is very well known and popular in the US, as I have been told. This Californian Zinfandel is grown in Redwood Valley, California and is very close as taste to the Italian variety Primitivo. Actually, only just recently it was recognized as a separate variety (Source) . It is full and rich in flavour and I can feel a spicy note. Very well balanced and fine. I really loved it. We had it with some cheese and vegetable and it went very well. Will definitely taste another Zinfandel soon as well as some more American wines. I am curious what else can be grown in sunny California.

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