Thursday, 4 February 2010

Riesling Classic 2008

Finally, it's white wine in my list and it's German! And more suprisingly, despite the price of 2,5o Euro from the supermarket the wine is simply gorgeous! The price is no suprise though, for where I bought it from - Würzburg. This wonderful city, where I happened to be this week because of work engagements, turned out to be one of the most famous wine cities in Germany The city is
surrounded by vineyards on the hills and in the city center you can stop by and taste a local wine (ususally offered in small circlular bottles) in one of the those cute wine shops or restaurant. The most glorious monument in the city is the Marienberg castle, which is situated on a hill and surrounded by vineyards. On the top of the hill, we visited a very well kept museum of art & history of the region. It is definately worth going there as a tourist and spend more time. More info can be found on Wikipedia, of course.

The most popular white variety in the region is the Riesling. It is a new vatiety, highly aromatic especially of apple and peach. I felt exactly this taste in my mouth after drinking a glass. Reading in Google, however, I found that the Riesling, also know as "the other white wine" (I really don't knoiw why!?) varies from sweet to half dry (Halbtrocken) and very dry (Trocken). Very drinkable and very pleasant taste.

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