Friday, 26 February 2010

Frankenseele Spätburgunder 2007

This is the last wine I bought during my trip to Germany. Not knowing the complicated German language I had to seek help by Google Translate to find out what is the variety. So, it turns out that Spatburgunder is the word for the variety and it means Pinot Noir. Frankenseele refers to the region (Franken) where the grape comes from.

To be honest, if I knew that before buying the wine, I wouldn't have because I am not a Pinot Noir lover. Nevertheless, the wine was surpassingly brilliant!

The Spatburgunder is the best red grape grown in Germany, like the Riesling is for the whites. It was brought to Germany from Burgundy in the 14th Century. The wine had a velvet, delicate taste, wonderful, strong aroma and light, ruby colour. I loved its delicate taste. It's definately the best buy I made in Germany.

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