Friday, 26 February 2010

Uniqato Melnik 2008

This typical Bulgarian wine from the Damianitza winery is coming from the Melnik region (Early Melnik variety). Melnik is the most famous winery region in Bulgaria. It's a small, cute town among the mountains, where almost every house's basement is a winery and a guesthouse for wine tourists. Basically, in Melnik wine and wine tourism are the core sources of income for the local people. Many people go there and spend the evening tasting local wines in a typical Bulgarian "mehana". Then, when leaving, everybody buys one of those plastic bottles of home-made wine, which is simply amazing - a young, pure and very dry home-made wine from Melnik is priceless for everyone who've tasted it.

Besides my expectations to taste something similar to home-made Melnik wine and the exaggerated popularity of Uniqato Melnik, the wine was a disappointment for me. A bit tasteless and very edgy, it doesn't really comply with my image of Melnik wines. The label and the bottle itself were nothing special. I think it would have been nice to write something more about the town of Melnik or at least writing why it is so unique (uniqato?).

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  1. Just to remind you , this particular variety was Winston Churchill's favorite.