Monday, 25 January 2010

Junior Merlot and Tempranillo 2008

As the name states, the following wine from the Katarzyna estate is young, vintage 2008. It seems that in Bansko Katarzyna wines are very popular, because they offer them in every restaurant there.

The wine from the Merlot and Temprabillo varieties is
very light and fruity taste, very well balanced and harmonuis. I did loved it. It goes very well with almost any food and shoud be served a little bit chilled. We had it with a white cheese, honey and walnuts appetiser, which was such a great and tasty combination that it made the taste of the wine even better and lasting.

The second picture is an amazing dish we had in the Bansko restaurant with the wine. It is white Bulgarian cheese, honey and walnuts. The salty&sweet taste was a great combination and was really breathtaking.

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