Sunday, 3 January 2010

Astica Merlot & Malbec 2007

Astica Merlot and Malbec is from the Menodza region in Argentina, vintage 2007. I have to confess it is one of the few wines from this region I have tasted, although this one was a little dissapointment.

I was curious to find out some data for the Malbec variety, which is typical for Argentina. According to Julia Kostadinova, a writer at Bachus magazine (, Melbec is an emblematic variety, grown up in every part of Argentina. The top wines of this variety are splendid, dense and fruity, with aromas from blackcurrant, blueberries and blue plums, mixed with the aroma of chocolate and spicies.

The Astika wine had a nice aroma, but the taste was rather edgy and tannic with a very small glimse of chocolate flavour. Maybe this is due to the combination of the Malbec with Merlot, but for my dissapointment the taste was not at all dense and splendid, but rather exotic and tasteless. Maybe it is just me, as I am used to other varieties and regions, but actually I do think a single variety wine would be better and I will try another Malbec soon.


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