Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tcherga Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Rubin 2005

This wine is one the most popular in Bulgaria for the last few years. Costing only about 7 Euro, it is considered a good buy. I also have to say the bottle is very catchy and gives the impression of an expensive wine - it is tall and slimmer and there is a wax covering on the opening. For those who are curious, Tcherga "is a typical Bulgarian craft-made rug" made of different colours. The idea of the name is to show how the different tastes and aromas of the wine are mixing, just like the colourful rug is made up of magnificent colours. I do appreciate wines with a meaningful name and some history behind it.

As to the taste - it is quite nice actually. It does combine very successfully the taste of fresh fruits, honey and vanilla. The colour is dark ruby and the smell of fruits and oak is relaxing and is enough to prepare you for a lovely evening.

Definitely a recommendation for those who come visiting Bulgaria - a typical blend from the Thracian region with a wonderful finishing.

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