Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chateau Windy Hills Merlot Reserve 2004

The wine I had today is dry red reserve, vintage 2004. It is not a secret anymore, that I am a red wine lover.

This wine from the Thracian region in Bulgaria has been left to get old for 18 nonths in the bottle and was 6 years old when opening the bottle. It does have a different colour from the younger wines I have tasted recently - dark red and rubby with a little orange spice. The taste is a wonderful mixture of dried fruits, sugar and vanilla. Although this sounds sweet, the wine is actually quite bitter - a strong and intence taste leaving quite a memorable finishing.

I was curious to find out from the winery website that the cellar is situated in the middle of its 500 acres of vineyard. The winery building (in a typical Bulgarian style) itseff is equiped with the most modern technology for wine manufacturing, a romantic restaurant and a four star hotel. It is situated on a hill near the town of Sliven, which is famous for its very strong wind (this is actually where the name comes from). Next to the building there is a small wind generator acting as an eco energy source for this lovely piece of paradise for a St.Valantine celebration.

Suprisingly, reading further in Google for this woderful place, I actually found out it is for sale for the price of EUR 6,600,500! What a pity! More info here.

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  1. Your wine reviews are very cool, Maria. I loved them all!

    Cheers, Luca

  2. Thank you, Luca. Feel free to comment, critique, discuss the wines... :)