Monday, 25 January 2010

Mezzek White Soil Mavrud 2008

Although I am not a fan of Mavrud wine, it is actually the most appropriate one for a dinner in a typical Bulgarian restaurant. We had this wine in one of my favourite places in Bansko ski resort - the Motikata restaurant. The food in those restaurants is so amazing that a heavy and tipsy wine like this actually goes quite well.

The mavrud is from the famous Karazyna estate and more precisely from the White Soil Vineyard which is situated in the Turkish and Greek borders of Bulgaria. There is a whole range of varieties from this vineyard and hopefully one by one I shall try them all.

In the taste I could feel a heavy scent of fruits and tabacoo. The colour was dark red, ruby and rch. Not a bad choice of wine for the evening in a cold, cold winter (was -25 degrees out there, I am not joking :).
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