Saturday, 13 March 2010

Freixenet Carta Nevada Seco

Carta Nevada is a dry sparkling wine from Spain. It is a blend of three white Spanish grape varieties called Macabeo (33%), Xarello (33%) and Parellada (33%) and combines fruity taste with robust and high-acid taste. Sparkling and tasty, it is perfect for a festive evening. In Google I also found a semi-dry version, which I intend to try soon.

It is interesting to mention that Cava is the Spanish sparkling wine equivalent to France's Champagne, as they state in Freiexent's website. Freixenet is one of the the oldest and largest Cava producers in Spain, starting in 1914 by Pere Ferrer Bosch and became a family business and now, almost 100 year later the Freixenet Group is still family owned. Actually, it turns out most wineries worldwide are family owned. I am sure it needs a lot of love and devotion to build a successful winery brand and no surprise a family is able to achieve it.

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