Saturday, 13 March 2010

Ferreira Porto Tawny

This wine was brought by a friend from Portugal and I would like to thank him, because otherwise I would have never tried this wonderful variety which is typical Portogese. I have never visited this wonderful warm country, but will do soon, I hope. The Porto Tawny is actualy not a typical wine: it has 19,5% alcohol, light ruby colour and very sweet taste. The flavour is of fresh fruits and toffee. The Porto is more like a liqueur or brandy. More of a "woman's drink", but quite strong. It is not drunk in the typical wine glasses and is not going well with dinner. It is a dessert wine and will go best with a chocolate or toffee cake. Yammy!

Ferreira Porto Tawny is from the Dauro Valley in Portugal. The Ferreira company has been founded by a family of Douro winegrowers back in 1751, and is usually classified as one of the best sellers of Port worldwide. Port wine is a Portogese style of fortified wines originating from the Douro Valley. It is typically sweet and is served as a dessert wine at the end of dinner. Although Porto is produced in US, Argentina, India, Canada and other countries, in the European Union it is protected and only a Portogese Porto use the term. Port can be produced from different grapes, but usually it is fortified by adding a grape called Aguardente. Very interesting stuff, I am already a Porto fan. (Source).
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