Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chateau Karnobat Merlot 2008

To be honest I am not charmed by this wine. I was rather sour and edgy. Although I could taste the Merlot variety in it, its not one of the best I've tried, although the deep ruby colour charmed me at first.

The wine comes from the Karnobar region in Bulgaria, which used to be a huge wine manufacturer in the country during the Communism (Karnobat Vinprom). Then, the winery used to export cheap wine, and I must confess that despite the 50 years of experience and recent investments, not much has changed. The winery is still one of the cheapest and not very qualitative wineries in Bulgaria. However, I am determined to write about as many wines as possible and give my feedback for you. I hope I've been clear for this one.


  1. "Karnobat" obviously is the low-to-mid-market brand. Otherwise this manufacturer can make quite good wines, but for that they have the upmarket brand "Minkov Brothers".

  2. Yes, I agree. Maybe I was a bit harsh on this one. I will definitely try "Minkov Brothers" soon. Thanks for the recommendation.