Sunday, 30 May 2010

Elisabetta Geppetti Morellino di Scansani 2008

I got my first taste of Morellino di Scansani in Rome on our first evening in a wonderful, cosy restaurant somewhere near via Salaria (the Salt street). It was splendid. I fell in love with this "strange typical Italian variety", which actually turned out to be 85% Sangiovese grape, but the Italians call it Morellino (I guess because it does sound better! :). The grapes are grown around the hills of Scansano and have been produced in Italy for more than several hundred years.

The wine is a very good value for money. It costed only about 15 Euro, but the taste was wonderful. It leaves a very memorable and long lasting finishing. Light and young, the wine is a very good companion for a hot summer evening.

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