Monday, 19 April 2010

Oriachovitza Special Reserve Merlot 2005

Although I had some time off the blog due to my approaching graduation, I had not stopped drinking wine. No, not at all! :) There are so many pictures, memories and some notes waiting to be released that I even feel a bit trapped and do not know where to begin from - from the oldest wine, the cheapest, the most memorable, the darkest, the last or the first I drunk during this time? No, I will simply start with Oriachovitza.

Maybe this name sounds complicated to you (it's a wine region in Bulgaria). The wine IS a wonderful complicated combination of chocolate flavour with some strawberries and oak barrels. Very dark and rich colour, wonderful aroma and long finishing. I enjoyed the wine with my family and it made our evening cheerful and pleasant. I also loved the bottle and its style.
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