Sunday, 3 April 2011

2008 Vranec Special Selection, Tikveš Winery, Republic of Macedonia

I picked up this wine from the shelves of a supermarket in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia), where I was on a business trip recently. It was one of the most expensive ones available and it did prove to be a great wine! With a deep red colour and nose from black fruits, the Vranec has a very special character. The taste is well balanced and elegant and the finishing is long lasting with a tannins tint.

The Tikves wine region is the primary wine-prodicing region in Macedonia. Macedonia is a small country on the Balkans, generally populated with Bulgarians and Albanians. The winery was established some 120 years ago and is the largest in the country. Currently they own around 500 hectares of vines and control further 3500 hectares, producing over 20 million bottles a year. Their primary grape s Vranec, which comes in four ranges: Classic, Special edition, Limited edition and Alexandra Cuvee.

On the picture, the bottle is next to a Bulgarian martenitsa - a symbol of March.

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