Monday, 7 February 2011

Marzemino Cantina D'isera 2009

This week we are having our winter vacation in Val di Fassa skiing. It is situated in the Trentino Valley of Italy ,where a lot wine is produced. There are many wineries around, as well as many wine shops and enouteqas. The variety of local wines is so wide, that it is difficult to choose.

This first wine I picked up from the supermarket. It costs about 8 Euro. The colour is dark ruby, the taste is a bit edgy, with strong tannis and little acid. Leaves a long lasting finishing and has a very typical taste for the local wine, as I noticed after trying several these days.

According to the label, the wine has been exalted by Mozart, but I must say I was not so impressed. The other wines we tried during our visit to Moena in Val di Fassa were much better.

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